Monday, 30 November 2015

Museum trip

Yesterday year 3 went to the museum to learn about because this term we are learning about dinosaurs because dinosaurs are ick stick no because there time was long but it's Gone no.

We went in side. I was so excited I kodit hold my self to gether.  it was the third time going in. We went in Side. I was amazed by it. My favourite 3 thing was the Moa and the skull of a teenage t-Rex and my favourite thing was the fossil wall. I love/d the Moa because it was a big female I thought the males were the biggest. Aaaa? I love/d the t-Rex because it was the king boys. I love/d the fossil wall because it has what t love.  

Then we came out of the museum and went on the bus. I will never forget the museum is intereshing. I love the museum I enjoyed it.

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