Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Softball at kiwisport

What skills did we learn today how to catch

We learnt we learnt how to do to Monkey dial and the butterfly and the bucket

What games did we play sneaky bases and bases tag

We played we played  sneaky bases

What did I like the most bases tag

Monday, 21 November 2016


On friday it was Athletics. It started at  9'0 clock and Ended at2’30. we did the High jump first and then running. I came 4th in the 2nd to last round. But i came 5th in the last round. Ather that we did shot put. oh i was in Island B. We went to basketball courts befor we got into the games because mr brut told us that when mr j blos on the trabit it was time to go on to the next game . The last game was tug-o-war we got 1 point but the Other team got 5 point i sorts but i like touch the most by.

Hi my name is cj and today i will be telling you same of the top 5 in my way of Athletics so 1st game is high jump coming in Second is is running and 3nd is javelin coming in 4th is shot put and 5th is tug-o-war.

My favourite game was tug-o-war i loved it for 3 year long time a but that's not the Only Reason i love it because it is all About Being strong and Seeing who's stronger your opponent or you the  last reason is That is so fun so that's it by

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Library

today room 13 went to the Library and got some new books and i got i shy illustrated by Mike Gordon and written by Bryant Mole there are some rules at the Library you can t ran in it. I picked this book because i have a lot of Feelings but on with the plan so it gots a lot of  people in it.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My maths whizz

Hello To you all My name is CJ and I was on maths whizz today it is a maths  game where you get to solve problems and do your multiples  and your + I see that is different to all the other math games I don't know why but It's just is. I get quite a lot of hard questions In the process But I do make it Sometimes I'll just go off and see if I have any challenges from somebody On my maths whizz Phone. I usually get 8 or 7. There are also some games no maths whizz The cost 45 or 48 credits You get credits from the problem That you Complete. There is also a maths whizz Shop You can buy Pete's toys and other things like that but that is all see you soon.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


Yesterday we went to the Hoyts cinemas at Sylvia park it was pretty big that's  where my mum got my first toy. It was a toy teddy i loved it. When we got in the cinemas they had a big screen. We got there on a bus. The presenter stand in a spotlight they were Gio and Paige.

My favourite movie was the bmg i like it because it was Based off the bfg that movie is epic i love it the Second Reason I like it is because it is Filmed in pt England school The very last Reason I like it It's because It has hyperstudio in it.

Monday, 7 November 2016


on staday Guy Fawkes Day My nanny got me Roman candles and some other ones I don't know what they were but they're Some sparklers The rest of my family will too scared to try out the last one it was called the big Roman candle I love it it really cool .