Monday, 21 November 2016


On friday it was Athletics. It started at  9'0 clock and Ended at2’30. we did the High jump first and then running. I came 4th in the 2nd to last round. But i came 5th in the last round. Ather that we did shot put. oh i was in Island B. We went to basketball courts befor we got into the games because mr brut told us that when mr j blos on the trabit it was time to go on to the next game . The last game was tug-o-war we got 1 point but the Other team got 5 point i sorts but i like touch the most by.

Hi my name is cj and today i will be telling you same of the top 5 in my way of Athletics so 1st game is high jump coming in Second is is running and 3nd is javelin coming in 4th is shot put and 5th is tug-o-war.

My favourite game was tug-o-war i loved it for 3 year long time a but that's not the Only Reason i love it because it is all About Being strong and Seeing who's stronger your opponent or you the  last reason is That is so fun so that's it by

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